Kiniras Traditional Hotel & Restaurant, 91 Makarios Avenue, CY 8010


What’s the Kiniras Traditional Hotel & Tavern like?

The Kiniras hotel has become known over the last few years as a landmark, meeting place and a favoured venue for eating out in Paphos. The architecture of the building gives an irreplaceable expression of the wealth and variety of its cultural background and this is complimented by the artwork that adorns the walls from its owner, George Gregoriou.

The hotel is popular with guests from all across Europe and is in high demand from French, Dutch and German tourists in particular. It attracts many independent travelers who research their holiday on the internet and make informed decisions rather than be lead by the large tour operators. Many visitors crave the unique family run lodging not found at the bigger hotels in Cyprus and quite often the hotel has guests from larger hotels who have come for a couple of nights for just that level of hospitality and spirit of place. It is small with only 18 rooms but the better for it, and most rooms have an individual ‘frescoe’ painted by George. To call it a boutique hotel would be entirely accurate and the management strive to preserve the bespoke character and sense of history.

Tradition through the Generations

The Kiniras Hotel and Tavern is a family-owned traditional house in the heart of Paphos, Cyprus. Kiniras is a 15th century Venetian building, which was first converted into a hotel in 1924, completely renovated in 1995, it is perhaps the most traditional of Paphos hotels, still maintaining its original character and uniqueness as a listed building.

This character building is now managed by the 4th generation of the family Kleanthis Gregoriou who is the son of the owner. The family welcome their guests with a homely feeling, serving local authentic cuisine from “grandmother’s” kitchen and produce from the family land.

A dedication to Cypriot hospitality, and friendly welcome is second nature to the multilingual members of staff and the Gregoriou family themselves have throughout the generations all studied and learnt their trade in Germany & Switzerland giving a professional sheen to their natural family hospitality. Each member of the family has a lot of experience in preparing traditional Cyprus cuisine. The secret of their success is the passing down from grandfather to grandchild, the culinary methods and historical context that has been going on for over 80 years. Grandfather, Kleanthis, believes that this cultural heritage should be handed down to the younger generation in order to keep it alive. Grandfather Kleanthis Alexandreas is also known as one of the first confectioners in Cyprus.

The grandson, Kleanthis, who studied in the Hotel School of Nicosia, and also in Germany and Switzerland (like his father) believes nutrition is one of the most important fields in the tourist experience. The term nutrition covers much more than food and drink but also the environment and entertainment provided that compliments it.

Taste the difference

Experience the ambiance and relaxing qualities of the enclosed courtyard which is open to the public, for a morning coffee or taste some exquisite Cypriot traditional cuisine at lunch or throughout the day.

The Kiniras has achieved the coveted CTO (Cyprus Tourism Organization) Vakhis award. This is awarded sparingly to establishments that serve traditional Cypriot cuisine in an environment that is authentic, and where the levels of service as well as the ambiance and décor compliment the food ~ in short the full dining experience. Currently, Kiniras is the only hotel in Paphos to have received the award.

So whether you are an independent traveler looking for some ‘Real Cyprus’ ,a tourist from another Cyprus hotel looking for a taste of something different, whether its food or ambiance, or indeed one of our many loyal customers who reside on the island and come back again and again to taste the Kiniras experience, we welcome you to our website. Like our philosophy towards hospitality and food, this site is a constantly changing entity and there will always be something new and different on here to entertain you. Why not bookmark us and come back again, or better still drop in and visit us when your next in Paphos ~ your home from home, that is Kiniras Hotel Tavern.

Authentic organically farmed cuisine

Interestingly, the family are originally farmers with Cypriot government LACON certification for quality biological produce. Organically farmed eggs and chickens are used from the family’s farm who are also famous for their locally produced red wine.

The family maintain a policy that each member completes a course in Hotel Management, Catering and Banqueting to a master’s degree status in Germany and Switzerland.

With a list of testimonials from guests who have returned year after year and regular local diners, this magnificent character building with its notable service is ISO 22000 and HACCP certified complying with specific regulations and quality standards of the Cyprus Tourism Organization (project VAKHIS) for Cypriot Authentic cuisine.

Preserving Cypriot tradition, the family are proud of their International Awards and acclaims with many features in local and global publications.