Kiniras Traditional Hotel & Restaurant, 91 Makarios Avenue, CY 8010

The Kiniras Tavern is fairly unique in an increasingly homogenized restaurant world. Having had a menu that catered for all and done it well it has chosen to go ‘back to its roots’ and present a menu that is steeped in tradition and uncompromising in its authenticity.


Loutros Plate

Grilled halloumi,cheese and more...


Poseidon Plate

A lemon marinated fish salad.


Neo Livadi Plate

The chefs specialty!

The menu features some sixty dishes, all created from the cook books of the past. The restaurant offers such delicacies as sun dried lamb, kalamari, machalebi (a pudding based on rose water syrup) or more familiar but equally authentic dishes such as t-bone steak or moussaka. The difference is almost always in the preparation. For instance you’ll find that the succulent taste of the pork steaks is down to the fact that they are marinated for two to three days in red wine. The same goes for swordfish which is allowed to take in the flavors of dill and bay leaf through the vehicle of virgin olive oil. Adventurous dinners may want to try the Zalatina (pigs trotters and other cuts in aspic) or opt for a simple village salad.


From father to son from grandfather to grandchild.

Service is of course exemplary and Mr. George himself  will make you feel very comfortable – the only danger is getting too comfortable as the outdoors courtyard is a wonderful place to loose an afternoon; and of course sample our own label wine! The restaurant is fully certified and keeps up (and excceds) the standards of HACCP and ISO 2200.

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